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Business Card Package

The Business Card package is truly a unique offering for the individual or business that needs the lowest cost possible, but still wants that professional appearance. And it covers everything you need for a basic web presence without the hassle or cost.

You get a web design picked from any one of our templates and customized to your needs. You can also have up to three scanned pictures or brochures tastefully displayed on your web page.

And for the professional touch, get a personal domain name with for your email. None of those ugly "smith186a@someisp.net", who's going to remember a name like that! You can have something like this instead:


and your website's name would be something like:


This is a real mailbox that can be accessed by any POP3 software like Outlook or Eudora, or with only your web browser. If desired, you can have it forwarded to another email address.

Web Page

  • Introduce yourself and explain your product or service and what you offer.
  • Have your name, address, phone number, and your professional email address.
  • Include directions and business hours.


Get special discount pricing with this plan only.

  • 10 MB disk space
  • 500 MB data transfer
  • 3 POP3/IMAP email accounts
  • Control panel
  • FrontPage support
  • CGI, Perl, and PHP

Also Included...

Search Engines
Your site will be submitted to several of the top search engines at no additional cost. Meta Tags (which some search engines use) will also be added at no cost.

Domain Name Registration
Names will always be registered with you as the owner. It is yours to keep. The only additional cost will be the Registrar's fees which are less than $10 per year. Have a domain name already? Then have it transferred and get another year for FREE!


FREE Business Card used by dnl-Webs.com

Business Card

$99 plus
$4.99 /mo.

Did you know...
that you can use capital letters in an email address without causing problems. It will drastically enhance its readability and also make it easier for your customers to remember.

Special Offer...
Get FREE Business Cards from VistaPrint.

"I am very pleased with the quality and service that I get from VistaPrint. SEE my card."

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